Just a few videos I thought were interesting

If you have not heard this speech, you should stop right now and listen. I wish more people understood this.

Masks & The Moral Matrix | Why We're So Divided Over COVID-19 Great talk - this is worth listening to. Even though we might agree on the facts, our values might influence us to hold different opinions and make different choices.

**The Three Terrible Ideas Weakening Gen Z and Damaging Universities and Democracies** Jonathan Haidt visited Penn State for a lecture on work from his latest book, "The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up a Generation for Failure." Haidt is the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business.
**"Two incompatible sacred values in American universities" Jon Haidt, Hayek Lecture Series** Is Truth being sacrificed to Social Justice?

**Racism: Getting to the Truth | Coleman Hughes | POLITICS | Rubin Report**
**FISH LOVE from Rabbi Twersky**

**A super interesting conversation between Douglas Murray and Peter Robinson from the Hoover Institute.**
**Douglas Murray discussing some insights from his new book, The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity.**

**Holocaust: More Than History - Dr. Timothy Snyder, Yale** History is a very interesting thing.
**The creation of the state of Israel from a different perspective.**

**This is a very interesting conversation about the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. **
**Economist Thomas Sowell - I find his perspective interesting and insightful. **

**A small piece detailing some of the effects of the shutdown on our farmers and the food supply chain...**
**ITER: The most complex machine humanity has ever built.**

Seattle is dying. Seems like this is happening in a lot of places...

**Hyperinflation in Germany in 1920s** Currenly, America owes over 26 Trillion. This results in daily interest payments of over a billion dollars.... Everyday. I wonder what kind of world we could build if we spent a billion dollars a day making some place just a bit better?
**Weimar Hyperinflation's 1000 Billion Mark Note | Mike Maloney**
**Why I left China for good. Youtube vlogger - Serpentza**
**Race, Riots, and the Police**

**Who is Felix Sater?**
**A Vice piece on Felix Sater...**

**Is it ever morally permissible to kill the innocent?**
**What does it mean to be Jewish?**

**A documentary on Zionism that visits some of Israel's settlements.**
A protest against Zionism and a perspective many are unaware of.

**FYI: There are such things as National Security Letters**
**The USS Liberty Incident. @ 2:20 - listen**

**What? **
**Really? Seems like this guy would have been easy to control...**

**William Binney exposing global surveillance.**
**Great piece on warrantless, domestic surveillance - StellarWind.**

**A look at the legend of Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens...**
**I found this guy's take on Plato's Noble lie interesting.**

Personally, I think we are lucky to have someone so knowledgable lead our country. Just kidding. Personally, I believe that American politics is as fake as professional wrestling. The Donald is a personality for public consumption and manipulation. Enjoy the show, but please keep in mind it's for entertainment purposes only.